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 Welcome to Rylee’s Blooms. 
 We are family owned urban flower farm in Los Angeles County California. We provide sustainable organically grown flowers and herbal bouquets.   Did you know 70% of flowers sold in the United States are actually flown in from thousands of miles away coated in pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides?   

  When we learned about this we wanted to make a difference. We do not spray our plants with anything. We team with nature and work with it not against it by providing an ecosystem for pollinators and predators of pests to thrive in. By farming using these practices we are able to be 100% organic.   

  We offer some of our favorite seeds and also various sizes of bouquets although prices are seasonal depending on availability’s 
  For florists, event designers/coordinators, or anyone else we offer flowers fresh or dried by the stem or bunch (10 stems). 
  We offer flowers for brides that want to diy their flowers
 We are also offer buckets for private events. Do you want to have a build your own bouquet bar at your next baby shower, bridal shower, corporate event? 
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